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Exploring options is an important life-skill that is necessary to lead a successful and regret free life. Exploring options leads to a more aware and resourceful life. It is when you take action after getting clarity about the situation and what you want from it. After this comes exploring all the resources at hand and which one is the best.

But I had no option so......

Most of us lead a life on autopilot, unconsciously making choices, taking actions, doing things without really considering either the situation or the outcome. Result, a mediocre life at best or a resentful and regretful life at worst. A very simple and logical percept of NLP is you cannot continue to do things the same way and want a different result. To get a different result you have to do things differently. For a successful life is a collection of successful results. So know your options and choose the one that is in alignment with the life that you want.

Shradha Murarka BUT I HAD NO OPTION SO…….

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