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NLP Practitioner

NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming is a toolkit of techniques to work with your complete mind – the conscious and the subconscious, the logical and the creative brain, the sensory inputs, the self-language used and the programming that determine your behavior…….

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Self Mastery

Self-Mastery is a workshop designed to help you explore the 4 dimensions of your being – energy, thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. Everything that you do and experience every day is based on these 4 aspects and how well balanced they are…….

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Happy Parent-teen

A first of its kind, this workshop aims at getting the parent and the teenager on the same platform to communicate with and understand each other through discussions and personality mapping. With awareness comes the next step which is to learn…….

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Life Sutra

An experience aimed at clearing past baggage, present drawbacks and limited future, Life-Sutra takes you deep into your subconscious as you work with past memories that are holding you back in life. The mental patterns that result in limiting beliefs or self sabotage…….

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