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NLP Practitioner

Do you want to be more? More confident? More happy? More in charge? More successful? More in control? Have you wondered why are you not? What is stopping you? What is holding you back. Maybe you don’t know, maybe you know but are unable to change it even though you are working on it consciously. And that is the problem as all the patterns, the conditioning, the habits are in the subconscious. To work with them consciously is like fixing the tap when the tank is leaking. NLP practitioner is like a manual to help you understand where you are so you can maneuver to where you want to be.

NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming is a toolkit of techniques to work with your complete mind – the conscious and the subconscious, the logical and the creative brain, the sensory inputs, the self-language used and the programming that determine our behavior.

In this intensive, practical workshop you learn and use more than 40 techniques to reprogram your mind. The result – complete transformation at an emotional, mental and behavioural level.

Anyone looking to improve themselves powerfully, at a personal, social and professional level. Only when you understand yourself can you understand others, only when you manage yourself can you manage situation and people, only when you can change your mindset can you influence others. Whether it is yourself or relationships or skills or finances you seek to improve, NLP provides you the methods to upgrade yourself to the next level.

If you work with others , whether in business or HR, as a manager, coach, trainer, counselor, therapist, healer, teacher, speaker, influencer, or leader you cannot not learn NLP.

NLP is a must for those also who are required to be in peak performance state like Sport Players, Coaches, Dancers, Musicians or Actors to train their brain to be stable in a high energy state.

So if you want to have a mastery over yourself and build your life, your career and relationships then NLP is for you.

How does NLP work?

NLP understands all experience based on how you interpret present situations and how your past experiences and memories influence you. Changing them with the many different tools and techniques that NLP provides can be fun, challenging, mind-blowing, and always liberating.

NLP empowers you by transforming the way you experience the present and how you have experienced things in the past. Have you ever wanted to sit in a time machine, go to the past and change a few situations? With NLP, you might not change the situation, but you can definitely change the way you remember them and the effect they have on you in the present. Learn how to effectively learn, unlearn and relearn anything as you program your mind for success.

What will you learn?

  • Handling your thoughts, emotions, and behavior
  • Dealing with your conscious and subconscious
  • Working with your left and right brain
  • Identifying and changing disempowering perceptions and memories
  • Learn the way you learn best
  • Become wonderful communicators
  • End over-thinking and overreaction
  • Change limiting belief patterns
  • Work with time, so time works for you
  • Awaken to yourself so you rise to opportunities