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Self Mastery Workshop

What do you think is better? Trying to control the situation or trying to control your reaction? Obviously, your reaction. What is even better trying to control your reaction or mastering your reaction? Obviously mastering your reaction. Because controlling situations or people who make you angry is impossible and your reaction can only be controlled for some time, usually followed by an explosion or depression. In the Self-Mastery workshop you learn to change your normal patterns of thinking and feeling to change the way you behave. From a person who suppresses himself ineffectually, you become a master who responds effectively.

Self-Mastery is a workshop designed to help you explore the 4 dimensions of your being – energy, thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. Everything that you do and experience every day is based on these 4 aspects and how well balanced they are. But most people have very little or no awareness about them and how they are playing out in their lives. This workshop not only helps you learn more about them but also how to balance them so that you start leading a more aware and effective life.

This program is for anyone who is seeking solutions to the following:

  1. Feeling stuck in pessimistic or repetitive thought cycles
  2. Feeling controlled by anger, hurt, sorrow, or fear
  3. Feeling controlled by situations/ people around

With this program get the transformation you need to lead an effective, successful life, both personally and professionally. Become the master of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behavior because when you master, you do not need to control.

How does Self-Mastery work?

How many times have you heard “think positive” and wondered how the hell am I supposed to?” Or you have thought to yourself “I know there’s no point losing my temper but I can’t control myself.” This is because you are focusing on one aspect – either thought or feeling or behaviour while being blind to the other three.

In this program you not only become aware of these 4 vital aspects of your personality but also learn how to employ them so they work as an effective whole instead of dysfunctional pieces. Practical techniques from NLP, Energy Healing and TA help you master your life, relations and work.

What will you learn?

  • Explore the Parent-Teen bond
  • Understand the different dimensions of your being
  • Work with energy
  • Clarity about your thoughts, emotions, and behavior
  • Awareness about your unconscious relationship patterns
  • Identify and change disempowering perceptions habits and behaviour
  • End over-thinking and overreaction
  • Stop limiting belief patterns