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Happy Parent-Teen Workshop

Teenage is that age when the best of parent- teen bonds go through a stormy time due to the immense changes that a teenager faces at all levels – physical, mental, emotional, academic and social. That, however does not mean that you as parents should abandon ship and give up. Adjusting your sails is sometimes all that is required. In this workshop you learn to do just that as parent and teen interact in a group setting, understanding each other’s perspective and learning the skills to navigate to a happy ending.

A first of its kind, this workshop aims at getting the parents and teens on the same platform to communicate with and understand each other through discussions and personality mapping. With awareness comes the next step which is to learn the skills to deal with each other, with compassion and empathy. This is done with loads of practical and fun techniques taken from NLP, Energy Healing and Psychotherapy. Last but not the least is the chance to strengthen the parent-teen bond with goal and expectation sharing, and laying boundaries and guidelines.

This full day workshop is perfect for parents and teenagers who are struggling to communicate and connect, as well as those parent-teen who have a good relation and want to make it stronger. You can also attend if you are working with teenagers as a teacher, counsellor, therapist or coach.

How does Happy Parent-teen work?

HAPPY PARENT-TEEN provides a space for parent and children to explore the problems and issues they face from different perspectives. It helps you understand that you are not alone and at the same time that if there is a problem it can be resolved. Discussions that easily become volatile are diffused and led to a conclusion by an experienced trainer who helps you go beyond your defensiveness to understand the crux of situations.

You learn practical techniques to build self-awareness, effective communication, empathy and problem solving. An interactive and practical program, HAPPY PARENT-TEEN promises fun learning with a lot of laughter, some tears and a healthy relation based on trust, respect and understanding. Love, we believe is already there.

What will you learn?

  • Explore the Parent-Teen bond
  • Changing times, change in parenting
  • Parenting traps
  • Techniques to open up perception
  • Empathy – Understanding the others point of view
  • Emotions – what, why and how
  • Strategizing for emotional mastery
  • Thinking patterns – Changing unconscious patterns
  • Communication Patterns – Communicating responsibly
  • Expectations and setting boundaries
  • Trust, Acceptance & Forgiveness
  • Group Discussion
  • Reduce conflict – deeper understanding of others goals and dreams
  • Learn to have fun together – Find ways to connect daily
  • Learn how your personality affects your relationship
  • Build the foundation for a lifelong friendship