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Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching


Relationship coaching helps couples or parents make needed changes in their perspectives and behaviour to have better understanding and bonding in their relations. It is a goal-based collaborative process and involves a non-judgmental, supportive coach who works with the couple or parent child in looking at their behaviour from different perspectives to break old ineffective patterns, redefining their needs and expectations to understand where the problems are.  The couples in a safe environment discuss their situations, set viable goals, and develop strategies necessary to accomplish these goals.

Relationship coaching helps with pre-marital, marital, parenting and workplace issues. In pre marital coaching we work with  individuals who have commitment issues or reservations about a marital set up. Marital coaching is with individuals married or in a committed relationship and parenting coaching is for parents and children wanting a joyful bond with each other.  The duration is variable and depends on your clarity and commitment.

What techniques do we use in Relationship Counseling?

We use an integrated approach to coaching by working on all aspects of a person – the conscious and the subconscious, the thought, emotions, behaviour and energy. This leads to faster results and has a deeper and lasting impact. The techniques we apply are Psychotherapy, Deep Relaxation, Energy Healing, TA and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This integrated approach is particularly effective in breaking old patterns of thinking and feeling and clearing energy blocks which lead to a marked change in behaviour.

Who can benefit from Relationship Counseling?

Married couples who would like to resolve issues with
  • Each other
  • Children
  • In laws
Couples, engaged or in a relationship, to better understand the dynamics/expectation between
  • Each other
  • Family

The sessions can be conducted in person or online as may be suitable. The online sessions, each 2 hours long, are conducted using WhatsApp video conferencing or Zoom and only requires a good internet connectivity. The session might involve either or both of the individuals, as decided by the therapist