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Cancellation/Refund Policy

Before booking an appointment we request you to invest sometime in reading and understanding the following points for an effective coaching relations:

  1. Our coaches are psychotherapists who are both theoretically and practically trained.
  2. Your coach will be glad to talk with you about his or her credentials and therapy approach, and to answer questions you may have about coaching.
  3. They are not physicians and do not prescribe medications.
  4. The coaching relationship requires honesty and cooperation between you and your coach. Working with your coach toward a treatment plan and reviewing your work together is in your best interest.
  5. Coaching increases self-awareness, improves communication, reduces interpersonal and internal conflict, and alters distressing moods.
  6. During the coaching process you may also experience unpleasant feelings. You may discover that some situations cannot be changed to your satisfaction, leaving you with difficult decisions to make.
  7. You should be aware that no guarantees of outcome can be made.
  8. All information shared by you will be treated with respect and confidentiality and will be shared only after your consent.
  9. You have the right to stop coaching at any time; however, you will be responsible for the payment of services already received.
  10. Each coaching session would be about 60 minutes.
  11. For online coaching, the sessions will be conducted over video calling.
  12. In case of cancellation please let us know 6 hours before the appointment time, else you will be charged for the session.
  13. Amount paid can be adjusted in future sessions but will not be refunded
  14. Please do not be late for the session as we may not be able to extend the end time for the session.
  15. Opting for coaching is for the betterment of your current situation. Advice and procedures given by the coach are in your best interest, however following them is at your discretion.